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Meet Dr. Benton Dammel

Hi, I’m Dr. Benton Dammel, I became a chiropractor because I was suffering from lower back pain at an early age. My primary doctor prescribed Percoset and Vicodin to mask the pain but it did not get any better. I went to a chiropractor and within 2 months I was pain free.

​Our office was also one of the first offices in the tri-state area to offer regenerative medicine. This is because when I was 24, I already had three knee surgeries with a fourth one scheduled. I found out about regenerative medicine and was able to be pain free. Now our patients often find the help they need at our clinic, even if they’ve had unsuccessful treatments in the past.

Dr. Dammel Reviews

I love the health and wellness center!! Dr Dammel and his staff are all great. From the great receptionists at the front desk, to the assistants, and down to the active rehab specialists. Couldn't ask for a better team of professionals. When you walk in everyone knows your name and are familiar with your pains and are eager to help. 5 outta 5

Rubin B.

I went to see Dr. Dammel a little over 4 weeks ago complaining of back, knee, and shoulder pain. I had been to other places and got no relief. But here, I fnally felt understood and heard. After just 4 weeks of regular appointments, my back and shoulder pain have greatly diminished. And my knees are slowly starting to feel relief as well. Everyone in the office is so nice! Not only do they help you while you are in the office, but they also give you tips on how to continue the work at home. I highly recommend for anyone in pain to come see them!

Melissa S.

I was referred to Dr. Dammel by a trusted medical source. He is extremely knowledgeable and a subject-matter-expert on Chiropractic Care. He completely understands pain and has the ability to quickly identify and explain any pain that you are enduring. After my first visit, I felt better and I am indebted to the physical Medicine & Wellness center for all they have done for me. The whole experience has been amazing since I walked through the front door. The staff members are professional, caring and love to help out at all times, going over and beyond! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE!

Marques W.

got help from Dr. Dammel back in 2018. His adjustments were excellent, one could say perfect because I would feel a 100% better after. Now I returned because I injured myself at work and my last doctor told me to get physical therapy but I know and have seen people improve from Dr. Dammel’s rehab therapy in the office so I know coming here is the right decision. Since 2018 he has a whole new set of staff and everyone I worked with was really good at their job and friendly. I highly recommend coming here and checking it out for yourself if you need help with pain

Salina K.

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